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Re-home Your Tortoise

So you have a tortoise that needs a new home!

Here are some options:

  • Find a new home yourself. Ask friends, family, and neighbors to take your tortoise. Have them Register the tortoise so they become the legal custodian.
    • When they Register the new tortoise, Request a Specialist so we can contact them!
    • Tortoise Group helps new custodians with their tortoises! Desert tortoises of all ages must live outdoors.
  • Use the Rehome Form to post your tortoise online
    • This free service posts your contact information online so the public can contact you directly.
    • It is illegal for you to take money for desert tortoises. The new Custodian MUST Register their tortoise!
  • Put your tortoise on a list to be Rehomed
    • When a new habitat is ready, Tortoise Group will health check and Rehome your tortoise. The Rehoming fee is $25 for members and $40 for non-members.
    • Tortoise Group Life Members and Members receive preference. Tortoise Group cannot guarantee all tortoises will be Rehomed.
    • Qualifications for Tortoise Group to Rehome your pet are subject to change. Only healthy tortoises are Rehomed by Tortoise Group.

Please note: Many tortoises are looking for new homes, so the best advice it to find a great new home yourself.

Create A Tortoise Group Re-Home Flyer using the form below:

The Re-home tortoise flyer maker creates a PDF flyer including a photo and description of your tortoise that needs a new home. Just fill out the form below. The PDF will load in your browser. You may then print it out or save it to your hard drive. Fields left blank will not be shown on the flyer.

Creating this flyer also posts your unwanted tortoise on the Tortoise Group website to help Re-home it. Your phone or email will be displayed to the public to help Re-home it. Tortoise Group may call or email you to see if you still need to Re-Home the tortoise.

It is Free to post your unwanted tortoise on this website, but for Tortoise Group to pick up and Re-home your tortoise we do charge for our service, $40 for non-members and $25 for members.

The Re-homing fee helps keep our adoption program running and it ensures your tortoise is going to a terrific, loving home. There are qualifications for tortoises to be Re-homed through our service and are subject to change. Only healthy tortoises can be Re-homed. If we are able to Re-home your tortoise, it will be given a wellness exam and must pass. Tortoise Group cannot guarantee tortoises will be Re-homed.