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Master Workshops

Attend a Master Workshop to learn more about desert tortoise biology and habitat in the wild, how to adopt a tortoise, steps to creating a backyard habitat, how to determine the sex of a desert tortoise, and find out about volunteer opportunities with Tortoise Group.

We’ll talk about the current laws affecting tortoises and custodians what to expect from your tortoise in different seasons, good plants for browsing, and best feeding practices. You’ll have plenty of time for all your questions and discussion.

Master Workshops are  designed to give volunteers all the information they need to accurately talk about tortoise adoption and care, habitat creation, the laws, and why the tortoise is such a wonderful pet. Others who are interested in increasing their knowledge of tortoises or who want to adopt a tortoise will find this workshop to be just what they are looking for. Volunteers who will interact with the public on behalf of Tortoise Group should attend a Master Workshop.