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Match your special expertise with the organization’s needs to help tortoises. Join us in improving the lives of pet tortoises and protecting the wild population. Some opportunities will require training. Some of the many opportunities are listed below. Fill out an application to get started.

Satellite Seller

  • Sell Tortoise Food from your home to benefit Tortoise Group


  • Help expand the membership program. Enlist the enthusiasm of others who care for tortoises and their welfare to support the goals and ongoing successful efforts of our wonderful organization by joining Tortoise Group.

Pick-ups and Deliveries

  • Deliver Tortoise Food to Tortoise Group volunteers who sell from their homes
  • Help keep veterinary offices and public libraries supplied. Each person takes care of 5-10 locations close to home.

Educational Programs

  • Create new ways to inform the public.

Adoptions and Yard Visits

  • Accompany Adoption Committee member to yards of prospective adopters to help them understand the preparation necessary. Place the tortoise when the yard is ready. Visit others who request suggestions for a tortoise they already have or plan to adopt from another source. Visits require about an hour and are scheduled year round.

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Create a volunteer development and appreciation program for our fabulous volunteers.

Board of Directors

  • Carry out mission, goals, and objectives. Develop and implement new methods and projects. Seek expertise from within and outside Tortoise Group. Attend monthly board meetings and general meetings. Help general meetings run smoothly.


  • Communicate with the membership regarding activities and projects: potential volunteers, previous adopters, follow-up.


  • Seek major funding from grants and other sources.

Fairs and Events

  • Staff our booth of information displays at fairs. Plan, provide ideas for improving displays and find additional venues.

Printed Information

  • Work with others on the various aspects of creating and printing the newsletter, brochure, care booklet, information sheets, fliers, and posters.


  • Join our current push to expand advertising to tell people who have tortoises about our services. Work with the Board and advertising professionals. Review efforts to date and explore more possibilities.

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