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What If My Tortoise Comes Out Now?

logoWe’re expecting very warm weather in Las Vegas.

Question: What should we do if our tortoise comes out?

Answer: Nothing. Watch your tortoise and enjoy this preview of your shelly one.

Your tortoise is still brumating. Although it’s tempting, don’t feed her. She will probably bask in the lovely, warm sun and then go back in the burrow. Make sure she gets back in. She may even come out on two or three warm days. You can be sure that cooler weather will arrive soon.

Most tortoises emerge from brumation mid-March to late April or even later. Of course with this year’s crazy weather, their patterns might be a little different. When she does come out regularly, she should bask for several days or even several weeks. When she begins to browse, that’s the time to feed and soak her. For now, just watch and enjoy!

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