Jelly Rolling Desert Restoration Project

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Event Date Time
November, 2019
9 AM - 1 PM

Event Description

The project consists of taking seedlings out of their pods, placing them into a pet pad that retains water for them and wrapped up, called a jellyroll (see attached photos).  This brings the total weight from 12 pounds to something like 2 pounds for each plant without the soil - this is important because the next step is transporting them to remote sites (areas that were affected by the wildfires in 2005) and replanting them.

The nursery is located inside Lake Mead Natl Recreation area, if you're coming from Boulder City, you'll enter the park through the main entrance, let the gate guard know you're with TG and volunteering for the nursery project with BLM. That main road is called Lakeshore Dr, follow that about a mile, and right near the Boulder Beach turnoff (which goes to help right towards the lake) there is another turnoff to your left. It's a dirt road, and you can see it goes straight back and there's some boats in a storage area. Immediately after turning off the main road, you'll see another side dirt road, make the right and follow that dirt road through the gate and the road ends at the nursery.