Lil Dino

amazing and chill. i just can’t have him anymore!

Age: Juvenile
Sex: Juvenile
Reported by: Sabrina Brooks


Found this Sulcota Tortoise on the pavement in front of my home here in the Palm Springs Resorts Area of Desert Hot Springs, Ca in my residential neighborhood. Local Animal Control confirmed with the Living Desert in Palm Desert that it was not a Desert Tortoise but a Sulcota Tortoise so they ask if I could care for him and hopefully somebody would claim him. Nobody has come forward. I am too old to care for him permanently since having a Tortoise is a lifetime commitment so would like to find a Rescue or someone willing to take him and keep him in hopes of finding him a forever home. I have named him 'Scooter' and of course he is very cute. Any help to find a Rescue or a permanent home is appreciated - I have to guess he might be 2 years old - 8-10" long - and about 8-10 lbs.

Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Reported by: Duane Bever


Russian tortoise

Age: Adult
Sex: Unknown
Reported by: Carly Fisher


Don’t know the of carapace I’d say that’s an estimate of her weight and I have a cage that’s she lives in willing to give it away with her to

Age: Juvenile
Sex: Female
Reported by: Caleb Walters


Red footed tortoise. I need to see the new home my tortoise will go to.

Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Reported by: Marci Mills


Healthy, 3-year old female Russian Tortoise. Her name is Noodles and she is very sweet and friendly. We would like to find her a good home. We have her in a wooden tortoise house, which you are more then welcome to have, although the bottom is a little warped from some water. You are more then welcome to take all the supplies that we have, feeding dishes, heating and UV lamps, humidifier, timers, and extra food and/or bedding.

Age: Juvenile
Sex: Female
Reported by: jennifer connolly


Large size male between 35-40 years old.

Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Reported by: Oscar Martinez


Sulcata tortoise

Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Reported by: Joyce McNally


Age: Adult
Sex: Female
Reported by: Lynn Missner