Age: Juvenile
Sex: Unknown
Reported by: Nathaniel Anchondo


Sulcata Tortoise He is very beautiful very well cared for Knows his name is Bowser if you say come and snap your fingers he knows to come can hand feed him he loves shell rubs and neck rubs pretty much potty trained

Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Reported by: Shanon Sampson


She is about 3 years old and has out grown her inside home

Age: Juvenile
Sex: Female
Reported by: Dena Wiggins


It’s African Spur, a neighbor asked us to take it and we literally don’t have the time or any clue what to do with it. We don’t have a yard yet and we have a new puppy.

Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Reported by: Michael Pendley


It is a Sulcata tortoise found out in a backyard in the dessert. My Grandaughter found it. Kept this beautiful creature in a aquarium. Neglecting him. I have him or her now. I live in a apartment complex. No where to keep him or her. Still in aquarium has day n night lights. I’ve been feeding on a daily basis but don’t have the money or place to properly take care of him or her. I Watch him or her everyday knowing that this little being needs to be outside in its natural environment. PLEASE HELP.

Age: Juvenile
Sex: Unknown
Reported by: Thomas Smith