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Choose Your Donation

Choose Your Giving Level


$25 Time to Gather Giver photo

$25 Time to Gather Giver

Your $25 will provide a holiday feast to feed a tortoise at our temporary holding habitat next season!


$50 Winter Wonderland Giver photo

$50 Winter Wonderland Giver

Support winter projects like Road Warriors while tortoises enjoy their winter sleep!


$75 Tis' the Season Giver photo

$75 Tis' the Season Giver

Fulfill a festive family by supporting Tortoise Group’s adoption program.


$100 Happy Holidays Giver photo

$100 Happy Holidays Giver

Lend a healing hand this holiday season to support injured and rare care situations of tortoises surrendered to Tortoise Group.


$250 Happy New Year's Giver photo

$250 Happy New Year's Giver

Become a New Year’s Giver and support the pursuit of new projects that help protect pet and wild desert tortoise populations!


$450 Above and Beyond the New Year photo

$450 Above and Beyond the New Year

Support ALL efforts by making an above and beyond the New Year donation. This donation level supports all giving levels going above and beyond for our shelled friends!