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Planned Giving

diet tipGTS or "Golden Tortoise Society" members can be assured their beloved desert tortoise pet will be moved to the top of the rehoming list following the custodian’s death if no person is designated or able to provide their care.   Read More ...

Tortoise Care & Concerns

speedy_500x375Never drill holes through the shell. There are nerves and blood vessels under the entire shell. Drilling causes pain. Never cover the shell with paint or similar material. If your tortoise has been painted, do not try to remove the paint. Read More...

Nevada Desert Tortoises

roccoimageAll desert tortoises in Nevada are considered wildlife (NRS 501.097) and belong to the people of Nevada (NRS 501.100). Those who legally possess a desert tortoise are considered custodians, not owners, of the desert tortoise(s) in captivity.

 Tortoise Group is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that educates and advocates for the protection and well-being of the desert tortoise