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Featured Tortoise, Jan 29, 2014

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Nov 2014

Is your tortoise brumating yet?

As Tad headed into brumation, he kicked dirt into ridges with his hind feet. Perhaps these ridges help cut down on air circulation during the winter. The rear of Tad's shell is barely visible at the right end of the burrow.

Most tortoises brumate by mid November

Tortoises have their own schedules! They usually go into and emerge from brumation at just about the same date each year.

What should you expect within the Mojave range?

  • This year we had reports of tortoises brumating in mid September.
  • Last year some tortoises were out at Thanksgiving!

If your tortoise doesn't brumate fairly soon, check for illness. A sick tortoise should not brumate.

Where should a tortoise brumate?

  • Outside in a snug, well-insulated burrow
  • Temperature between 35 and 50 degrees

If your burrow is not ready yet, click here for instructions on brumating a tortoise in an unheated room or garage.

Should I feed my tortoise if it comes out?

No. But if your tortoise browses, it's okay. It should be browsing less and less. Let the digestive system clear out for brumation.

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