License Plate Holder photo

License Plate Holder

Black frame with white lettering says "Call the Experts" on the top and "" on the bottom. Help spread the word about healthy tortoise care. Special for Members: Buy One and Get One Free!


Tortoise Group Cap photo

Tortoise Group Cap

Tortoise Group Cap


TG Polo Shirt photo

TG Polo Shirt

Polo shirt


Tortoise Group Water Bottle photo

Tortoise Group Water Bottle

Tortoise Group Water Bottle


Tortoise DNA Analysis photo

Tortoise DNA Analysis

Have you ever wondered why your tortoise does the things it does? A tortoise DNA analysis will tell you the region of the Mojave that your tortoise is from and give you insights into its behavior and preferences. If you purchase this product, we will need to collect a blood sample from your tortoise at one of our health clinics. After your tortoise's DNA has been analyzed, you will receive detailed information about its natural habitat and behavior. *Must be a Clark County resident*