Yard Consultation For Habitat Preparation or Improvement photo

Yard Consultation For Habitat Preparation or Improvement

Customized advice for preparing or improving your habitat.
  • Are you thinking about making a habitat for a new tortoise?
  • Would you like some advice on your existing tortoise habitat?
  • Do you have questions about tortoise habitats?
  • Do you live in the Las Vegas area?
Tortoise Group staff will help you design your yard for a tortoise, whether or not you get the tortoise from Tortoise Group. Where you might dig the all-important burrow, how to dig that burrow, where there are unseen hazards in your yard, and what some good plants are. Yes, the tortoise must live outside. We can help you decide on with the best arrangement, if there is room. Let our 35 years of experience help you do right by this wonderful and surprising animal.  


Desert Tortoise Adoption photo

Desert Tortoise Adoption

Desert Tortoise Adoption in the state of Nevada. Once your burrow has been built and inspected, you will receive a captive desert tortoise and a registration certificate for compliance with NRS statutes and federal guidelines.