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Headline News: Hungry Tortoises Demand MegaDiet RF!

diet tipHungry Tortoises Demand MegaDiet RF!

We invite you to locate a convenient MegaDiet RF Seller and lay in a supply for that hungry reptile. The website map gives 24 handy locations in the Las Vegas area, including Kingman and Pahrump.

We have three new sellers:

  • Shirl at Silverado Ranch & Dean Martin
  • Michelle at I-15 and Blue Diamond Rd
  • Carm at Equestrian & Boulder Hwy
  • Or, order online.
    • The 22-ounce bag costs members $8.00 and lasts a big tortoise about one month
    • The 10# sack costs members $50


I just started feeding MegaDiet RF to Tad, even though he has been out for a month. Soon I’ll be feeding him 2-3 times a week. The other days he browses in the yard on grape leaves, mallow, petunias, primroses, and dandelions.

For nutrition information and feeding instructions please read our Information Sheet on MegaDiet RF.

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