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Care Sheets

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Hatchling Care

Pet Desert Tortoise Breeding
Temporary Hatchling Habitat
Hatchling Habitat
Hatchling Care

Northern Nevada

Aboveground Burrow – Northern Nevada
Habitat Checklist – Northern Nevada
Northern Nevada/Cool Climate Care


Habitat checklist – For One Tortoise
Making Your Burrow Snug
Easy Aboveground Wood Frame Burrow
Easy Underground Wood Frame Burrow
Underground Burrow – Escape-proof
Soil to Cover Burrows
Alternative Design for an Underground Burrow (Where Soil Is Very Loose)
PVC Pipe for Tortoise Burrows – Not a Good Idea
Hatchling And Juvenile Burrows
Alternative Location for Brumation (Hibernation) When An Outdoor Burrow Is Not Available
Temporary Indoor Housing for an Active Tortoise

Plants, Food, and Feeding

Grassland Tortoise Food
Plants to Grow For Tortoises
Planting Spineless Prickly Pear Cactus for Your Tortoise
Transplanting Dandelions for Your Tortoise
Growing Dandelions from Seed
Comparison Of Nutrient Values In Foods
Plants Poisonous to Tortoises

Other Habitat Concerns

Water Pavilion Construction
Gate Barrier Construction
See into a Tortoise Burrow Using a Small Mirror
Avoiding Crowding and Planning For Compatibility among Your Tortoises

Care Concerns

Measuring Tortoise Size and How Tortoises Grow
Marking Your Tortoise
Keeping Records of Tortoise Behavior and Growth
Transporting Tortoises Short Distances by Vehicle
The North American Box Turtle – How to Care for It in the Las Vegas Area
Warning – Sulcatas Are A “Huge” Responsibility!


Veterinarians with Tortoise Experience
External Examination Checklist For Signs Of Deficiencies, Disease, Or Injury
Determining the Age and Sex of Your Desert Tortoise
Ticks on Tortoises
Drowning In Tortoises-How To Treat
Salmonella Q&A
Life Cycle of the Desert Tortoise

The Law and Other Issues

Tortoises in the Classroom: Concerns and Alternatives
Why We Don’t Release Helium Balloons
The Law and the Desert Tortoise: Q&A
Want To Adopt Me?
Desert Tortoise Conservation Center
The Threatened Desert Tortoise
Tortoise Topics for Teachers